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Festival della filosofia in magna grecia

Philosophy Festival in Greece

Come to live an unforgettble experience

The mission is to combine the cultural value of a journey to the places where western Philosophy was born

Philosophy Festival in Greece® is an interdisciplinary educational program designed for high school students in Europe, organized by Associazione Festival della Filosofia in Magna Grecia.

The Festival’s mission is to combine the cultural value of a journey to the places where western Philosophy was born with the rediscover, during low-season periods, of areas of historical and archaeological importance, symbols of the Mediterranean culture: first of all, Greece.

During the six days of the Philosophy Festival in Greece®, students can achieve new goals in learning thanks to innovative didactic experiences, based on new teaching methodologies: Philosophical dialogues, Philosophical-theatrical walks (περίπατος), workshops, contests and others. Activities for teachers are included too.

Every Spring, in March and April, many high school students from European countries take part in the Philosophy Festival in Greece® “Philia”, held in AthensDelphiMessene and Epidaurus and their surroundings, to join in a cultural experience that will allow them, through non-formal education courses, a new approach to knowledge.

Our Activity


The multidisciplinary philosophical competitionallows high school students to use their skills, talents and knowledge through an innovative and interesting experiential philosophical path, designed to excite and ignite minds


During the Festival, teachers are not mere companions. In fact, the Philosophy Festival in Greece® designs for them activities and workshops, giving great importance to the themes of care, positive relationships and empathy. Through guided dialogue, sharing of experiences and specific training courses, teachers experience in first person new possible ways of interpreting the relationship between student and teacher.

Guided tours and Performances

Enhancing the territory is a founding element of the Philosophy Festival in Greece®, which mission is to combine the didactic intent with the discovery – in the less touristic periods – of places of historical and archaeological interest, symbols of Mediterranean culture and western philosophical thought. During the Festival, students visit the archaeological sites in the Greek peninsula, with the aid of touristic guides, discovering a millenary and priceless cultural heritage and physically descending into the places where the first philosophers acted.

Philosophical Dialogues

The Philosophical dialogue, created in a maieutic dimension, realizes philosophical didactics by concepts. The expert (the Philosopher) opens the discussion and solicits active participation in the students. It compels them to form ideas, which arise from real problems, to finally arrive at a moment of philosophical abstraction. This activity aims to achieve learning through discovery, in an empathetic way.

Philosophical Theatrical Walks

The Philosophical-Theatrical Walks represent one of the most intense and loved moments of the Festival. The guided tour of the places links to theatrical performance, giving students the chance to meet philosophers and thinkers ‘live’. This activity allows you to concretely experience the possibility of combining philosophical text and theatrical language and allows you to ‘read’ the territory in its artistic, monumental, landscape and archaeological aspects, using different skills. It also brings out excellence, not only linked to the logical abilities of youth but also to their artistic and creative potential.

Philosophical Workshops

Our Workshops of Practical Philosophy – real source of ideas that aim at the development of personal mindfulness and at an active debate between participants – represent a “mental gymnasium” in which the facilitator leads the students towards the acquisition of new knowledge, immediately expendable. The workshops (theatersoundexpressive movementespressioni visivephotographymeditationradio) are proposed taking into account Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences.

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