La sapienza della giustizia | 24-27 ottobre 2022

Cilento – Velia – Paestum

“There is the door that divides the paths of Night and Day, and an architrave and a stone threshold support it: in its height it is filled with great doors, of which Dike (Justice), who punishes a lot, has the keys that open and close. “

These are the words of the Proemio of the well-known poem Sulla natura by Parmenides. The long road that the Western philosophical research has undertaken, and which is not over yet, of which Parmenides is one of the most fascinating protagonists, began at this gate. The route map is indicated and guaranteed by Dike, the goddess of Justice, who offers the opportunity to understand and define, to find laws and rules that regulate the world and human reason itself. Justice is, therefore, the same philosophy, the nomos that becomes logos and that makes us overcome the insidious doxa and reach good, justice and happiness. Parmenides wrote the poem in his Elea and explained his poetic-philosophical word to his fellow citizens. His evocative vision of truth is combined with justice that is sometimes pure and inclement, but a guarantee of authenticity and disclosure and protects us, through difficult choices, from what may be false and misleading. In a world increasingly exposed to the manipulation and exploitation of consent, we resume the Parmenidean journey in search of authenticity in his places and share his lucid and prophetic indications.
Let us cross that door together in the company of Philosophy and Justice. Come and live an unforgettable experience in Velia! (by Annalisa Di Nuzzo)


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